Monday, December 28, 2009

A $167 Phone Call!

I haven't gotten one yet but as of January 1st 2010, any one of us could be a victim. Of course I'm talking about the new British Columbia (Canada) law that states that a vehicle driver can't hold or operate a hand held electronic device that requires more than one button press to operate. That means that if you like to drive and talk on your phone your going to have to purchase a hands free headset (wired or bluetooth). Even if you don't talk in the car, you can't even hold your phone, blackberry, MP3 player, gaming or GPS devices. By "one button press" they mean that you can press one button to answer the call or one button to dial your call.

In BC we have the graduated driving program that gives learning and novice drivers more restrictions. In this case all "L" and "N" drivers will be completely restricted from using phones in the car, hands free or not.

Are you a risk taker and think that you can avoid the law? The fines won't stick until February 1st but at that time you can expect a $167 violation ticket. Is that call worth it?


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