Friday, December 18, 2009

DVD vs Blu-Ray

I was reading some random forum today and came across a post where someone stated that they felt that an upscaled DVD movie was almost exactly the same looking as a Blu-Ray movie. First of all, that is ridiculous! Anyone who has both a DVD player and a Blu-Ray player knows that they are so different it's not even funny. The only explanation I can conjure is that he is making his comparisons on a very old, small television. Even then I would bet that you could see the difference. For those of you who are still waiting to get on the Blu-Ray band wagon I will explain it all for you right now.

To watch any movie at home you need a TV (or projector). A standard TV displays any TV show or DVD in 720x480 resolution. That is 720 pixels wide by 480 high. Each pixel is a dot that can have a speck of colour or detail that will contribute to the overall picture. So if you have more hight, and more width in resolution you can have more colours and more details... make sense? Newer TVs have the ability to display different resolutions. The latest and greatest resolution is what is referred to as "High Definition" (HD) where TVs reach 1920x1080 resolution. That is about 2.5 times the height and width of a standard definition TV or DVD movie.

So as long as you have a TV capable of displaying 1920x1080 resolution you can enjoy the fruits of High Definition Blu-Ray movies. Because there are more pixels in each frame of the movie, there is a lot more room for detail. Take a look at the following side-by-side comparison by clicking on the Jokers face.

An upscaled DVD is when then player attempts to stretch the DVD movie to fit in a larger resolution. It can look better but will never look as good as a 
Blu-Ray that was made to fit in that resolution. Even if you're not convinced based off the explanation and visual comparison, a Blu-Ray player and disc allow for higher quality sound, advanced interactive menus, online content and more special features. It really is a better overall movie experience.

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