Monday, December 7, 2009

Having a Baby!?

So the word is out that we have ordered a new family vehicle. Of course it's not just because we like to have new cars around, we're planning for the future. The big question is just how soon is this future going to be. If I told you we're having a baby... what would be the first thing you would think? We're both in our mid-20's, married for about 4 months, living together for about 4 years and both have stable jobs. It seems that despite our preparedness, people seem to give varied advice regarding having babies. My own mother said that we should enjoy our newly-wed status as things aren't the same once the fetus is out (I'm not sure she used the word "fetus"). The question is are the "things that aren't the same" better or worse? Of course things will be different, but does it improve or add stress on the relationship? Another opinion is that our sole purpose for being on the planet is to spread like a disease, which involves mass breeding... so we should get at it and start right away (before it's too late!?). Lastly I personally don't want to be an elderly father when my child is still in elementary school... so we don't want to wait forever.

Either way, I'm curious to know what everyone thinks of this. When is the best time to have a baby?


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