Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saving Money & Pleasing Your Woman

One thing I find that I love to do is spend money! First thing you have to do to spend money is make money. Once you make the money you have to save the money. Sounds easy but for a lot of people, including myself it's a pain. I've got a story that gives you a painless way to save money.

My wife and I were going through Safeway last night doing our grocery shopping (not saving any money I assure you) and we hit the hair care products isle. It's a dreaded isle for me, first of all womans shampoo and conditioner is beyond expensive. $20 even $30 a bottle, and this is at Safeway, not even the good stuff at the salons. On top of that the section with the hair dyes and the hair color samples... Have you seen them? It's a wall with like 150 different types of hair dyes, and in front of each one is a little clump of hair that is supposed to resemble the color on the box. I'm telling you, those hair clumps freak me out a little.

Back on track, the woman gets to the hair dye and mentions that she would like to get her hair dyed. My stomach starts turning as I remember the last time it took several hours and the receipt said over $130 on it. A box of hair dye is like $10-15, so that means that a hair dressers wage is like $115 for two hours. At about $58 an hour... I should go cut some damn hair! However I'm sure the salon itself takes at least half of that. So I'm trying to change the subject when I realized... I could just dye her hair myself and not only would I save huge money but she would love spending the time together.

Situation: Dyeing your womans hair yourself
Pros: Saving $100+ dollars and earning serious brownie points
Cons: Actually having to dye the hair and loose a small portion of your manhood
Danger: You could realize that you like dyeing hair AND you could screw up your womans hair, possibly putting an end to your relationship.

So the idea was suggested and she accepted. Later on that evening she asked if I would follow through with the dyeing and I agreed. I followed the terrible instructions and managed to get her hair dyed to what I would call "Professional" standards. It looks easily as good as any salon and it only took like 25 minutes. Most important is the savings. Now I can go buy myself a new toy for Christmas. Or I could go buy myself a pink apron as my manhood is now tarnished for life.

Another way to save money and please you woman is to stop buying those expensive "Name Brand" condoms! I've read that Handy-Cling wrap with a good elastic band works just good and is even partially reusable! Now that's thinkin!


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