Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sony PS3 Can...

I have had my 60GB PS3 since summer of 2006 and I love it. Before I get started I want you to know that this is not an article to start a PS3 vsXBox360 vs Wii battle. We all know the PS3 is the clear winner bigsmile

I have had a lot of time to learn what the PS3 is capable of and some of the best features it has. Some of the PS3's features may not even be known to the people that own them.

Did you know that the PS3 Can...

  • Do video and voice chat? Go to one of your friends and hit the triangle and select "video & voice chat" to start a webcam/microphone chat.
  • Run as a top-end media server. Using Java PS3 Media Server software you can use your computer to stream Video (of any format or size), music or pictures to your PS3.
  • Dual-boot Linux! (specific Models) You can have the default XMB operating system and Linux. This allows you to run a separate system to play emulated games, use firefox to browse the web and a great deal of other cool things.
  • Allow your Sony Playstation Portable [PSP] access to it's files and games either through a home network or the internet. You can even access the movies on the PS3 that are being streamed from your computer through the media server software.
  • Pair with a bluetooth headset. Not just any headset, but a stereoheadset! There are some limitations to the listening of audio through the headset itself, but it is great for gaming!
  • Accept new 2.5" hard drives. Sony has allowed PS3 customers to swap out the factory hard drive to install a higher capacity hard drive without voiding the warranty. Why not install a new 7200RPM 500GB hard drive for $130. Not sure why you need it but I like to have the option!
Some of the more obvious (but great) features of the PS3 are it's blu-ray drive, bluetooth controllers, subscription-free online community/network, HDMI output (up to 1080P). Obviously the Exclusive games are great but so are a lot of the ones on the other systems.

If I have missed out on some of the better unique features of the PS3 let me know!


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