Sunday, December 6, 2009

Top 10 things guys want for Christmas!

Christmas is upon us and you better act soon if you plan to get the perfect gifts. This post will focus on what you should get the man in your life, whether it be your best friend, boyfriend, husband or even your mister. I have scoured the Internet to bring you the Top 10 things guys want for Chirstmas. There is no specific order as every guy will have different tastes. Lets dig into this shall we...

MP3 Player - It doesn't matter whether we're at work, driving or working out we like music. The two key factors in choosing an MP3 player is it's overall sound quality and it's storage capacity. My picks based on this criteria are the Cowon S9or the Samsung P3. They both offer touch screens, bluetooth, decent storage sizes and top notch sound quality. Depending on storage size you can pick either up for around $200.

Car Stereo - Is your guy proud of his cool ride but you can tell he isn't happy with its tunes? My favorite conservative deck is the Alpine MP3/WMA CD Car Deck With iPod Control (CDA-105) which goes for around $199. This is a great deck but if your guy is a serious stereo junkie then you might want to spend a little more.

PSP Go - The Playstation Portable Go is the newest and best portable gaming system for guys. It can play music, movies and a wide range of games including God of War, Socom and the GTA series. The newer "Go" model offers a smaller design with bluetooth support. The PSPGo could double as an mp3 player but it isn't as small and won't have the sound quality of the devices I mentioned above. The PSPGo sells for around $250.

Clothes - Even though we'll wear socks and jeans with more holes than material, we still appreciate new clothes. A nice hooded sweater or button up dress shirt will always suffice. To be on the safe side, pick dark or more neutral colours. Personally, I like Randy River, Below The Belt, Off the Wall, Sport Chek and similar outlets. Then again, some people say my tastes are stuck in the 90's.

Sensual Favours - This is the one gift where money doesn't come into play. Then again I'm sure he won't mind if you buy yourself some sexy lingerie. Perhaps a candlelit massage, followed by a bath and a night of romance where he doesn't need to lift a finger. Guys like to see this sort of control and confidence in a woman, it's good for the relationship too.

Gaming Console - Does your guy complain that his Super Nintendo just isn't satisfying him any more? Well that's because the Super Nintendo is a piece of junk that should have been sold in a garage sale like 10 years ago. Consider upgrading to a Xbox360 or a Playstation3. I personally recommend the PS3 as it has a built in Blu-Ray drive which takes your movie watching to a whole new level. Note that this option will likely ensue buying a new High Definition TV.

Cell Phone - Upgrade his 7-11 prepaid toy for a state-of-the-art organiser/web-surfing/media-managing cell phone. The only issue with this is that the outright cost for a decent phone these days is at least $400. If your comfortable getting him on a contract then you can swing some good deals on those expensive phones. I recommend looking into the iPhone 3GS,Blackberry Storm 2 and the Motorola Droid. Note that most of these can double as MP3 players, but again they all dream to sound as good as the ones mentioned above.

Movies - A good way to keep the budget down is getting him some good DVD or Blu-ray movies. If he's got a growing DVD collection then I recommend the new Star Trek or Terminator Salvation. Both those titles look great in Blu-Ray too! If Blu-Ray discs are an option (has a blu-ray player or PS3) then consider the The Ultimate Matrix Collection for around $50. No guy can turn down the Matrix set on Blu-Ray, even if he already has them on DVD.

Gift Certificate(s) - Who doesn't like spending other peoples money? I know I do so I bet your guy does too! A safe bet is to get a mall G.C. so that he can go to any store in the mall. Usually the customer service booths will sell them. You can't go wrong!

Concert / Sporting Event Tickets - If he's big on concerts then pick up a pair of tickets so he can take you or the boys to the next big game. If there isn't anything decent for sale now, make up a nice card with a "coupon" for two tickets to the next event of his choice. I recommended subscribing to his favorite radio stations online club (usually via email) to get the inside scoop on pre-sales and concert announcements.

Well I hope I've given you some good ideas. Obviously not all guys are the same but I'm confident that I've listed something for everyone. If you have any questions or what further recommendations let me know and I'll tell you where to go... p


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