Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Iron Is Forever!

Being a man, I really enjoy the manly things about life... fast cars, red meat, raging fires, power tools, sharp knives, full contact fighting, big guns and cold hard metal. All of these things grunt pure masculinity. I like to incorporate as much of these things in my day to day life as possible. I want my car to be fast and my meat to be red (but cooked!). I like my home to be a place that truly reflects my personality. I like sleek black furniture and stainless steel appliances and fancy chrome pot lights. I like things to be modern and clean looking.

Just recently we were presented with our wedding photos in a fancy wrought iron frame. I was very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship and how sturdy it is. The frames go great with our furniture and the fact that it's iron gives it a very "forever" feel. The frames are made with a dark wood that blends well with the black iron. The entire piece is about 5' tall holdssix 5x7 pictures and two 8x10's. We love it, but please note that I blacked out our wedding pictures as I felt they were private. It's great to have our pictures surrounded by art that is as forever lasting as our relationship.

The frame was made by KAR Ironworks, a family business out of Cedar, British Columbia, Canada. KAR Ironworks is taking orders on iron furniture, frames, gates, railings and custom art. For prices or a free quote call Kailem, Anthony or Rory. For absolutely no benefit at all, tell them Ian sent you!

Website: KAR Ironworks
Phone: (250) 244-3417 
Cell: (250) 797-2875
Days: Monday - Friday 
Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm PST


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