Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Sherlock Holmes Review

The other night we met up with some friends and watched Sherlock Holmes. It was directed by the famous Guy Ritchie and had several high ranking actors/actresses playing the leads. I don't like to spoil movies when I review them so I will just say that I felt the movie was refreshing but it didn't leave me feeling dazzled.

Sherlock Holmes was played very well by Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, The Soloist) and Dr. John Watson was Jude Law (who cares). Overall the way the characters were portrayed was great but I found that neither of these two strong actors were able to convince me that they were really as smart as they sounded. I think that I blame that mostly on the story not providing any insight on either of their credentials. They started the movie just assuming that you know Holmes and Watson are crime fighting geniuses that leave no stone unturned. The action was great and the story was decent but they needed to keep the viewer more involved instead of filling you in right at the end. If you're a big crime detective fan then I would spend the money and give this one a shot. Oh yes, I can't forget to say that the love interest, Irene Adler played by Rachel McAdams (the Notebook, Red Eye) was a great idea but she wasn't given enough lines.

Before I went to the movie I had talked to a good friend who said that the movie was "worth seeing" so I didn't have low or high hopes when entering. Overall I would have to agree that it was 2 hours and 8 minutes of old fashion crime detective styling but I will probably wait until it's in the $2.99blu-ray bin at Walmart before I pick it up.

In one word, Sherlock Holmes was: Decent.


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