Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Windows Will Not Boot!

I have a copy of Windows XP and Linux Mint 8 installed on my computer. For the most part I use Linux as it has all my favorite software, it's updated often and I like it's security features. Once in a while I will drop out of Linux to run something in Windows. Usually it's a game or unique software title that I haven't found a replacement for in Linux. A few minutes ago I decided to shutdown Linux and boot Windows to convert some video files to a different format. Well wouldn't you know it, my Windows XP install has crapped out. It boots partially and shows the XP loading screen but then when it tries to load the desktop it just resets the computer over.. and over.. and over again. An infinite loop of Windows failures with no reasonable explanation.

Don't read this and think that I am a slouch with software troubleshooting, I have tried safe modes and step by stepping it but she is just toast. The next step would be to insert the XP install disk and run a repair on it.

But you know what? I ain't gonna waste my time on this piece of shit software!

Microsoft robbed my bank account for the last time with XP and I won't allow it to steal any more of my precious time. I refuse to fix it! I'm going to grab the Linux install CD instead and format Windows right off, freeing precious space for Linux to use.

The war between Windows and Linux has ended here.


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