Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

I've been on hiatus for a few weeks and I'm back with an Olympics sized article. Seriously, could it be avoided? The Olympics are here and they are making a big impact on the Greater Vancouver area. Obviously the whole world is involved but I feel that I offer a very unique perspective that is worth voicing. I live about 100km (60 miles) from Vancouver and can be there on the highway in roughly an hour and 20 minutes. Some people would look at my position and be envious that I could just whip down there and take part in all of the glorious public events in the down town Vancouver core. Even if you're an average Canadian and can't afford decent tickets (we'll get to that!) there is apparently all kinds of free things happening that promote local and foreign tourism...

I'm going to interrupt myself (yes it is possible) to decide if even part of me cares... even a little bit. I feel torn over the Olympics. I'm not the average love/hate person because I do like the idea of the Olympics and how nice it is to have gold medals being handed out but the idea of having to go somewhere, to fight through crowds to find a good time is hard for me get my head around. For the most part I like people, but I find myself quick to become impatient for the lack of discipline in the average citizen. It's a lot like that feeling when your in a mall, and your walking down the hall and there is a group of 4-5 strangers walking side by side taking up the whole path. You find yourself separating with your partner to go single file through the people only to almost run into an oncoming obese janitor. It's that frustrated, impatient, get out of my way feeling that I get so fast that prevents me from liking these sort of major events. I'm torn with the aspect of public integration so I've looked to other reasons to avoid the Olympics.

My most major reason to say "boooo" is because of the overall cost. I could really care less if they've spent 1-4 billion dollars on it. If they government doesn't spend our tax dollars on this, it'll be on something else. Sure it could have been spent to help various homeless or starving people. However I would like to think that these people should stop looking for a hand out and start getting jobs to help themselves out. The cost to get a decent seat at an event is not as high as it could be but certainly isn't cheap. Of course VANOC has/had tons of tickets ranging from $25 to $175 (and way higherbut I don't want to blow all that money just to see some random sledder. However even if I bought myself a low-range $175 ticket, I would have to get gas, drive down there, park somewhere, bus to the event, eat for the day, bus back and drive home. So I would say my $175 ticket is now at $250 or so. The rumours are that a lot of people are waiting to see if Canada is going to be in the Hockey finals and will buy tickets when they know. The other rumour is that those tickets will scalp for $3000 to $6000 each if Canada is a confirmed finalist.

I've heard people argue, "but this is a once in a lifetime event, you should enjoy it." It doesn't matter how unique the event is, there is no point in forcing yourself to find enjoyment in it so you can say you where there. I like my seat as an armchair quarterback.


p.s. I hate the 2010 Olympic Mascots! (shown above)

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