Monday, April 12, 2010

Childhood Fantasies

I've noticed a few situations recently where I have questioned my own maturity. One specific that comes to mind is a desire from the past. When I was a young boy I always wanted a radio controlled helicopter. Back then they were all very big (2 feet or more longand were at least $600 for even the cheapest ones. I'm not really even sure where I got the desire but I just knew that I wanted one. I've always liked to fly and the thought that I could control something that can fly is very amusing to me.
Just recently me and my wife were at a swap meet and observed a booth that was selling radio controlled helicopters for $49.99. It was small and made of mostly plastic but it was exactly what I always wanted. The booth was showing a demo as one lifted off the ground and floated in front of your face, perfectly still like it was on wires. I watched it turn and spin in front of me, it seemed almost robotic in nature. The moment that I observed this toy I remembered all of the years that I wanted one as a child. I've since thought about it a lot and have questioned my intentions to own one. I do feel as though I would play with it on a regular basis, at the very least I would chase the dog and cat around with it. Oh the fun to be had.

Is this just a childhood dream spinning out of control? Am I immature in wanting a $50 toy that may be more typically enjoyed by someone 10-20 years younger? Should I even care what other people think? I guess that fact that I even doubt my wish to own one must mean something. What do you think? Do you have a childhood dream/fantasy/object that you would still like to fulfil or obtain?


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