Friday, April 9, 2010

My Heavy Rain Review

If you've read my blog from time to time you'd probably notice that I'm a fan of the Playstaion 3 (PS3). Actually I enjoy all electronic toys and I just happen to use my PS3 the most of all. I watch a lot of movies and surf the net on it and of course I play games too. I have noticed that most of the best games for the PS3 are the exclusive titles like Killzone, Little Big Planet, Heavenly Sword, Drake's Fortune, Infamous, Resistance, God of War, Socom and Metal Gear Solid to name a few. Obviously there are many other exclusive titles but I would like to add a new game to the ranking,Heavy Rain.

I can best describe Heavy Rain as an interactive movie. You play through the game as four different characters that all contribute to different parts of the same story. The characters are all emotionaly driven to solve the mystery of recent child abductions and murders carried out by the Origami Killer. As you progress you are given scenarios where you have to make choices on how to proceed by manipulating the controller as it appears on the screen. Heavy Rain makes excellent use of the controllers sixaxis motion sensor allowing advanced physical gestures combined with buttons and directional inputs. The requirement to make fast, slow, timed or complex controller manipulations is probably the best and most unique feature of Heavy Rain. The graphics are fantastic and will probably look like the best you have ever seen on a next generation game but they are not without flaws. The motion capturing skips in some spots and is out of alignment in others, but given the level of character control and common texture quality it's very forgivable. The soundtrack and effects are always suiting for the specific scene and help to get you immersed in the story.

Overall Heavy Rain is a cinematic experience worth every penny and with multiple endings and excellent character development your sure to want to play it over and over. I should also mention that the game does contain some nudity, sex, swearing, violence, killing and adult humour so go buy it right now!


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