Friday, April 23, 2010

Sony PSP Phone

I think that almost everyone can admit that Apple has captured the music and phone industry with its iPod devices. With a range of various mp3 players, the iPod Touch and the powerful iPhone there is a great productfor everyone. The most powerful of all of course is the iPhone. The iPhone can play music, view pictures, take pictures, watch movies and make phone calls. It also has bluetooth, an external speaker and a tilt-able multi-touch screen. The iTunes network available to it is filled with over 100,000 downloadable applications, making the iPhone great for business and gaming alike.

Now I'm not writing this article on the iPhone as there are already thousands of people praising or hating the iPhone. It's a great device but to be totally honest, it's not for me. The gadget I will invest my money in hasn't been released yet and for all I know, it might never be. I want a rendition of a Sony PSP and a high end smart phone. It's been rumoured that this project is in the works for 2010 and if Sony doesn't drop the ball this could be a great alternative to the iPhone.

Since there are no specs for the Sony PSP Phone I will write a wish list. I want the Phone to have ALL the capabilities of the PSP 3000 and the following:
- Sliding capability (For PSP controls, keyboard, or number pad)
- Two analog sticks (like a PS3 controller)
- Multi-touch screen for easier phone navigation and/or point/poke gaming
- Bluetooth (for phone and for stereo headset gaming)
- 2+ megapixle camera
- 16GB+ internal memory
- External UMD drive (attaches by micro-usb cable)
- Fluid connection to the Playstation Network
- Open Source flash gaming platform

I'm sure if I sat here for a while I could think of a few more but I don't want to be too greedy. Actually I think that most of my list is pretty typical for a smart phone or has already been suggested to the PSP community. I can honestly say that if this phone were produced and had most/all of the features I listed it would be a gold mine and everyone would want one. I'm sure it wouldn't be as compact as the iPhone but who cares, it would have everything except the large software database. As a side note, it is rumoured that Sony as not involved their Ericsson division in the making of the PSP Phone.

The pictures I've posted are examples of what it could look like. What do you think? Personally I like the top version the best.


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