Monday, June 28, 2010

Google Chrome is Perfection

I imagine that not everyone has heard of the Google Chrome internet browser but that doesn't mean that it doesn't kick butt! Perhaps you've used Internet Explorer? Safari? Firefox or even Opera? These are all popular internet browsers designed to let you view the web while keeping an array of features at your fingertips. I have been a die hard Opera user since about 1992 and about 6 months ago I switched to Firefox. Firefox reminded me a lot of what Opera was about 10 years ago; fast, small and customizable. Of course Opera is no slouch now but honestly it seems to be getting a little outdated.

I first tried Google Chrome when it was originally released around 2 years ago but honestly it was a piece of junk back then. I was browsing around a few weeks ago and I came across a Chrome for Linux download link. I've since installed it and customized it some and let me tell you... I love it! I've incorporated a few extensions (feature plugins) and it is super fast in almost every way possible. I run the following extensions:

Google Mail Checker Plus - Allows management of your Gmail
Facebook For Google Chrome - Allows status changes and notifications
Speed Dial v2 - A start page with thumbnails of your favorite sites

Clearly these extensions are not for everyone however I encourage you to try the Speed Dial v2 as it is a great way to keep your favorite pages on display and only one click away. I've also managed to solve the only annoying behavior of Chrome which was how if you close all of the tabs the program would close. By modifying the Speed Dial v2 I've made it so that the dial is always on a tab and that you won't close Chrome by closing the last tab. If your interested in that fix Click Here.

Obviously I've gone far into the realm of nerdism here but I urge you to give either Chrome or Firefox a try as they will impress you.


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