Friday, August 13, 2010

Having a Baby!? Part 2

A while back I brought up an interesting topic regarding the best time to have a baby. There wasn't a lot of replies but I got some comments off the blog and the general consensus was that a married couple should settle in and enjoy their new time together first. I guess the idea is that a baby will take lots of time and effort and probably not allow for easy traveling or cross-country car rides of fun and excitement. The other concern is that a baby is a big responsibility and can add financial and relationship stress.

I've heard both sides of the story, "babies are expensive" and "babies aren't that expensive". I've looked into it and decided that babies are only as expensive as you let them be. Obviously there are a few items that baby-makers will need to buy like a crib, car seat, stroller, soothers and a few others but the bottom line is that it isn't that bad. Most of the items you can either buy used or for a low price if you shop around. Now if you want the new Lamborghini stroller with 12" chrome wheels and super high density foam lumbar support then perhaps your baby will be expensive. Talk to your parents, friends and friends of friends and I bet that you can buy or be given a lot of these items for next to nothing. My mother even told me once that when she was a young mother (like 100 years ago) they used rags for diapers. You don't need the most expensive stroller, you don't need to buy a box of 1000 diapers and you don't need a brand new family vehicle, your little rusty hatchback will do just fine.

Well I'm sure by now you have realized that I'm writing from a future fathers point of view. Yes, I am pregnant! Well not me personally but the wife has had the baby oven on for about 8 weeks. We decided that we had no intention of travelling or taking any cross-country trips in the next few years. So why not fill the gap with a baby. This will allow us to kick the kid out in around 16-17 years and be young enough to live off it's minimum wage job. Seriously though, we will be young enough to enjoy our retirement and go travelling wherever and whenever we want. I look forward to the future travelling, but I have to say, I look forward to my future son so much more.


p.s. You heard me... son! bigsmile

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