Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazon Kindle In Canada!

Lets get this straight right off the bat... I don't read! At least I don't buy books to read for any length of time. I do most of my reading in short bursts online or from magazines, even though my magazines have more pictures than words. However I have always thought that if I were to start reading it would need to suit my non-book lifestyle. One of those fancy e-reader gadgets would probably work well but I'm not sure they're right for me. I recently spent some time looking into the local selection of readers and was surprised at the level of features and the complexities of the devices. So many options and factors to consider.

Take it from me... your brain will hurt trying to decide what you want. Maybe you want an iPad? However an iPad is big, heavy, and it's battery life sucks as a dedicated reader. Maybe you want a budget black & white screen reader for under $100? However the build quality and quirks in the dollar store software might make reading less enjoyable than you think. So you want something in between? Perhaps a Sony PRS-650 would quench your book thirst. The 650 gets great reviews everywhere and it does what it does very well. I'm not going to do a mindless review on it as I don't own it. I can tell you that it doesn't have any internet related support at all. You need to load your books on via your computer. If you want some form of wireless internet support your going to need to get into a Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Apple or Amazon device.

That brings me to the point of this whole post, The Amazon Kindle. Everyone who is anyone, knows, or at least has heard of a Kindle. Kindle is to e-readers as iPhone is to cellular phones. The big news here is that Amazon has finally honored Canada with the Kindle. As of early January (January 6th according to 100 sites who all copied the initial news post) Amazon will ship the Kindle to Canada. I read a ridiculous amount of reviews and decided to purchase the Kindle 3G. It seemed like the best bang for your buck and has access to Amazons exclusive no-charge 3G network for unlimited online connectivity. If your in Canada and thinking of getting a Kindle, be prepared to pay for the device, the shipping ($10) and the customs fees ($22) right away. The Kindle 3G is advertised at $189 (as of Jan 2011) on amazon.ca but will cost you $225US after checkout. I'm not complaining at all here, I just thought I would let you know. Amazon's customer service and shipping speed have been fantastic so far.

Bottom line here people is that e-readers, like phones, tablets, mp3 players and gaming devices are another hand held gadget that people seem to be buying like crazy. They make great gifts and come in a variety of feature-sets and prices, so be prepared to shop around.


p.s. I bought the Kindle 3G as a gift so I will not be doing a review on it.

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