Sunday, January 30, 2011

Milestones is Off the Menu!

I'll start by saying that this post is entirely based on my personal opinion. I'm very particular about certain services and I'm about to tear into one here. It's more than possible these restaurants are individually owned and managed, and I just happen to get shafted every time I visit this one location. The issue here is that my main problem is with the food, and it's not going to be much better at a different location.

I have decided that I will NEVER eat at Milestones again! For those of you who have never heard of Milestones, it aspires to be an Earls/Keg and is actually quite nice inside. I think the modern looks suits the menu and they do a good job of keeping it clean. One of the unique features was that each booth had a heat vent at the wall edge. It was just a nice touch that each table was individually heated (or cooled). Ian awards 1 point for overall restaurant appearance and interior design.

The first time I set foot in a Milestones was about 2 years ago. I'm not going to place any points here because of the time delay, but I'll use the experience to support my recent findings. I remember feeling good about the whole thing until I got my food. The burger I ordered was overcooked. Actually overcooked would be a nice way to say it, the damn thing was burnt right to the core. Now let me say something, I don't like to complain about food until the meal is over as I have no interest in waiting for a replacement, or having some greasy 16 year old hock in my beef. Lastly I recall the service being slow and we waited longer for the bill than it took us to order and eat our food.

The second, and final attempt was only a few weeks ago. I met up with some friends and literally the whole visit was an epic disappointment. There was a point where one of my friends refused to sit on the outside edge of the table because the smell from the kitchen was so gross. We considered changing to a new booth, but changing seats was manageable. For the meal I decided to get the Spicy Italian Ravioli. I love pastas and ravioli is pretty hard to screw up, especially when Italian sausage is involved. I noted that my selection was $17.89which is fairly pricey for a ravioli dish, but I would let the food speak for it's value. The food arrived relatively quickly and I was quite hungry so I could feel myself salivating as the server placed my friends burger and sampler plates. My plate was put down last and I can honestly say that I was immediately astonished at the size of my serving. There was 8 pieces of ravioli on the plate. Granted they were medium sized and in some kind of fancy tomato paste sauce, there was still only 8. I was able to get a piece of ravioli in my mouth without any struggle or discomfort. I know it's not fair to rate a meal on it's size or price alone, so the taste was the determining factor, because maybe it was the greatest, most sausagey pasta ever made. Well it wasn't and I finished it in 8 mouthfuls, probably about 5 minutes including chewing. Not to mention, the food was only somewhat better than those frozen pre-made packages of ravioli they sell at the supermarket. Ian subtracts 2 points for the combined damage of high price, small portion and below expected tastiness.

I was so disappointed that I told the server (very politely) that the serving size was way below standard for the price and she did not offer to get more or provide some sort of discount. There was absolutely no gesture trying to change my mood. I don't expect to be satisfied with every meal, but I believe that the service should always balance out the food. If the food is crap, the service should be above par. the server did absolutely nothing but say "awwww" when I complained. You shouldn't have to make a big stink or ask for a manager to make things right. Well little did they know, I have a blog where I bitch and complain about things, and that they would be the subject. Ian subtracts 1 point for the lack of customer satisfaction.

Bottom line is... I'm quick to hate and far to stubborn to forget. I'd like to see Milestones get bulldozed and reopened as a Montana's or Moxies. I'm sure this post alone will make some people upset, so I won't even get into how I justified the tip. Overall I have given Milestones -2 points total. I don't think I need to explain the rating. Don't eat there!

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  1. lol to the waitress that just responded with "awwww"