Friday, January 28, 2011

Sony NGP / PSP2 Announced!

Good news game junkies! Sony has officially announced their Next Generation Portable device. For now Sony is calling it the NGP, but we're calling it the Playstation Portable 2 (PSP2). I have to say that I use my old silver PSP on an almost daily basis for gaming and for it's remote access to my Playstation 3, and I'm very excited to improve the experience with the stats of the PSP2.

The PSP2 will be launched with a 5" OLED touchscreen and a working resolution of 960x544. That's a huge difference as the latest PSP used a 4.3" LCD at 480x272 resolution. The PSP2 will be powered by a quad core CPU and has a top of the line graphics processor. Sony has dropped the universal media discs (UMDs) and seems to be going with a new form of flash memory. Further advancements include 3G and WiFi, dual analog sticks (compared to the single analog on the PSP), front and rear cameras, tilt sensitive controls, bluetooth, GPS and a touchpad on the back side of the unit.

Obviously thats a lot of techno-babble to grasp but I'm afraid it's only the beginning. Based on a ton of other sites who have actually had their hands on the device, there is a lot more to be known about the new device. It seems like a lot of the questions revolve around the release price. With the Nintendo 3DS being released in late March at around $250, what will the PSP2 cost? Not to mention that the PSP2 won't be in the hands of customers until Christmas 2011 at the earliest. I'll be the first to admit that waiting almost a year is a bit of a drag.

I'd could go on and on rewording or copying all of the other PSP2 announcement articles but I hate it when other sites do that. My thoughts on this are that the PSP2 will be a fantastic gaming machine full of great social features and connectivity with the Playstation Network. I'd like to think that the PSP Phone will be a surprise functionality of the PSP2, but so far it looks like they might be two completely different devices.

Check out the video below. I didn't make it but it's one of the better ones at just showing you the device without wasting your time.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to tell me what you think!


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