Monday, January 31, 2011

Stairway to Heaven!

My uncle sent me this video today. Normally I'm not a big fan of forwards as they are usually cutesy cartoons or dumb virus warnings that insist that you must forward X number of times to prevent the spread. I mean seriously, whoever believes these things deserves to get the virus. Unless it is some kind of crazy specific Outlook virus, and you happen to be using Outlook, and you happen to already have the virus (or the virus is embedded in the email) their is no way that the virus would just activate itself based on how many times you forwarded a specific email. Open your minds people!

Anyway, I got this video forwarded to me this morning. It shows the daily life of a transmission tower repair person and it takes you up "heaven's staircase". It started out a little boring, but as it went on I realized how insane the workers must be to do this on a regular basis. Not to mention, they have limited security cables and the weather could change at any moment. Just watch it and ask yourself, how much money would you want per hour to do their job? I'm going with $50 an hour, and I want a fantastic life insurance plan!


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