Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guys Love Knives!

I think the title of this post says it all! Guys love sharpened pieces of metal... any type of blade for the most part. I'm going to focus on knives though as once you get into swords, you loose the mobility and legality of a knife. A good knife can go a long way and have a million purposes, and guys know this. Guys know that having a knife on hand means that you can cut, slice, dice, shred, maim, fillet, hack, skewer, poke and skin just about anything. The problem with knives is that there are millions to choose from. A guy doesn't want a dollar store butter knife, he wants a decent quality, sharp, Every Day Carry knife.

So what kind of EDC knife do you buy? Well a lot of it is going to depend on what the guy does on a regular basis. Assuming he is using it to do normal day to day stuff like cutting boxes, plastic packaging and maybe some light camping stuff like trimming sticks for marshmallows, you don't need anything too fancy. The big factors to consider are pricequality and features. Prices can vary from $50-$1000. Of course I'm not telling you to buy a $1000 knife, but they can cost that much if you want them to. Quality breaks down into the materials used to make the knife and its overall build. There are different grades of metal that serve different purposes. Softer metals are great for easy sharpening, but may not stay sharp as long as the harder stuff. Build quality is usually measured by how the knife feels when you hold it and it's durability. Does it feel flimsy? Does the blade wiggle at all? Do the materials used make the knife uncomfortable to hold? Features like thumb studs, grips, specialized edges and serrations can play a big role in the use of a knife.

Now I'm not a knife expert, or even a hobbyist but I'm a good comparison shopper and I found myself a great bang for your buck EDC knife! Reviews everywhere agree that the Kershaw Blur is a fantastic knife and it packs a punch in all of the factors I mentioned. Its price starts at a low $40 and goes up depending on the options you choose. By options I mean everything about it! You can pick blade style, point type, serrations, handle color and steel type. The only thing you can't change is the length and the fact that it's a folding knife with a liner lock (when you open the knife, a flap inside the handle locks into place). I purchased the Kershaw Blur Tactical model (1670TBLKST) with Tanto blade (sharp angled tip) and serrated edge. It's all black and looks like something only the devil could dream up!

Things about this knife that I love:
- The price is $40+
- It feels natural and solid in your hand
- It is razor sharp right out of the box
- SpeedSafe Assisted opening (It opens similarly to a switchblade)
- It looks very dangerous
- The non-slip grip handle

A key feature I need to focus on is the SpeedSafe Assisted opening. SpeedSafe is a patented system (by Kershaw) that assists the user to smoothly open the knife with a manual push on the blade's thumb stud or pull back on the blade protrusion. Other knife makers have similar systems but I like Kershaw knives for their superior bang for your buck quality. Also note that this knife is currently legal to own in Canada as long as your not carrying it as a weapon.

Now if you've decided you want to get a knife, or buy your guy one as a present. I highly recommend the Kershaw Blur, or at least a Kershaw SpeedSafe knife of some sort. If you think you might wear this down quickly, consider upgrading to a 230V stainless steel blade instead of the 14C28N (like my knife). They make all kinds of knives in different shapes, and for different functions. Take a look at Kershaw's website for more ideas. Careful with the prices though, I know that House of Knives sells this baby for $120 and I bought mine new on eBay for $37 including shipping (I got a sweet deal) so be sure to shop around. Also look at Youtube knife review videos as they can shed a lot of light on the world of knives.

If you have any questions let me know and I'll do my best to answer. Just remember, knives are not toys and fingers do not grow back!


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