Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3DS or NGP?

First off, lets start by saying that both devices are going to be awesome. The pre-order count for Nintendo 3DS is massive and I’m sure Nintendo won’t let people down with game selection and fun factor. The Sony NGP(PSP2) will be very impressive as well featuring great high-end gaming titles and a selection of cool multimedia features.

When the next generation consoles (360, PS3 and Wii) hit the market, there was a clear cut choice between them. 360 gives a great social/online hardcore gaming experience, PS3 provides hardcore games and a multimedia system and the Wii hits home as an interactive, family fun gaming experience. There's a console for every gamer.

The 3Ds will be a fun family based (casual) system with 3D-like graphics. The NGP will mesh the best portable graphics we’ve seen with hardcore gaming titles. The 3Ds will be more affordable for it’s target customer, while the NGP will be full of expensive features and serve as a link to your PS3 to create a portable multimedia center.

The 3Ds and the NGP are two completely different systems, the only similar aspect is that they’re portable and capable of playing games. The real truth is, everyone wins here as there is a portable system for everyone. I’m glad Nintendo targets the casual market, and Sony the serious. You could always buy the 3DS and then save up until the NGP comes out and buy it too.

The big question should be:

If the 3DS and the NGP were released on the same day and were the same price, which one would you buy?


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