Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ralph Macchio Is Ageless

I managed to catch Dancing with the Stars a couple times this season (the wife loves it alright!) and have noticed something mind blowing... Ralph Macchio looks ageless! He looks exactly the same as he did when he was the Karate Kid back in 1984. Ralph was born in November 1961, making him 49 years old now. Thats almost 50 years old.. time has blown by, I can hardly believe it. If math is not your thing, then I'll tell you that Ralph was about 23 when Karate Kid was released.

So in the long run, who really cares if Ralph Macchio is 50? Probably almost nobody. I will say one thing though, he can dance at least 10 times better than I can. The trainer he has is giving him fast steps and definitely not treating him like a senior that's for sure. Anyway lets get to the meat and potatoes here, take a look at the then and now pictures of Ralph Macchio below.

Ralph Macchio (1984)
Ralph Macchio (2011)

Well maybe he has changed a little but you can't tell me that he looks 50! I would say between 35-40 at the most. I still say it's hard to beleive that he's about 30 years older from one picture to the next. If your interested in seeing this phenominon for yourself, watch him on DWTS.


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