Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Can You Have An Ugly Baby?

My daughter was born on April 1st 2011, and since the very moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was beautiful. I'm not looking to reinforce that in any way with this post. What I have wondered, is if she wasn't beautiful, would I have been able to tell. Does a parent know when their baby is ugly?

Lets face it, both you and I have seen babies in real life, in pictures and on TV that are ugly. Some are not just ugly, but absolutely horrifying. The type of horrifying that prevents people from wanting babies in the first place. The tricky thing about baby appearances is that there is almost no way to predict whether a baby will come out as pretty, or as ugly as his/her parents. I have seen a number of ugly parents make, what I would consider to be a good looking baby. The attractiveness of your child is like a box of chocolates...

Are parents so blinded by the fact that it's their baby that they can't see the truth? Or is it that parents are so happy to have a baby that they just don't care? Can we rely on friends and family to give us their opinion about our babies? When you first take her to work to show your baby off and everyone says "ohh she is sooooo pretty" do they actually mean "ohh wow that baby is gross". You can ask the most blunt and honest person about your ugly baby and even they'll lie right to your face. I specifically talked to some co-workers the other day and they all said "don't worry about it, your baby is wonderful!" Nobody wanted to comment on how people always say a baby is cute/pretty even when they may, or may not be. 

picture of an ugly babyNow don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that people should go around telling people exactly what they think, especially when it comes to their offspring. I am just infinitely curious on the subject because I would bet that even your oldest, bestest friend would look you in the eye and say your baby is pretty and think otherwise. I think the only real way to find out the truth would be to submit your baby pictures to some online forum and let the anonymity of the internet speak it's mind. I have tossed a couple of common ugly baby pictures up.. or am I the only one that thinks they're ugly?



  1. That is your baby? Ohh she is sooooo pretty

  2. the gal in pink... the baby at the bottom... seriously... is that Brok Lesnar's child? dode, be careful if it is... lol.

    1. lol! I didn't notice the resemblance but her lack of shoulders and chubby head is a perfect fit for Lesnar. Neither of these babies are mine, I wouldn't post them here. Thanks for the comment!