Sunday, April 10, 2011

Low Profile USB Drive

One thing you can never have enough of is digital storage space. Everything to do with digital media is getting bigger now, especially with the popularity of social networking. I remember the mid 90's when I saved up $300 to buy a 250 megabyte (MB) hard drive and now that same drive would only hold 10 raw images taken with our Canon T1i. I find more and more instances where I need to be able to transport or copy files from one location or another. I even find that I like to be able to store critical files just to have as a backup. I think it goes without saying that keeping backups of important data is just smart.
Super Talent Pico-C USB drive with nickel finish

My favorite form of digital storage is USB sticks (aka flash drives or thumb drives). USB sticks are getting cheaper all the time and just like most technology, they are getting smaller too. The only real problem with them is that as they get smaller, the chances of loosing them increases. Right now I'm using several sticks with random sizes for several different file types. I've been looking to purchase a larger capacity USB stick but I want it to be small, durable, reliable and of course, as cheap as possible.

Super Talent Pico-C size comparison against common items
So after hours of research and browsing the net, I decided that as of this moment my favorite stick is the 32 gigabyte (GB) Pico-C by Super Talent. The Pico-C has high data transfer rates, is water resistant, shock resistant and is about half the size of a SD memory card. 32GB is a good size as it will hold just about anything you'd need to put on it. A drive this size would be great as a portable Linux operating system, just plug it in to any PC and boot it up your portable system. I've seen several knock offs of this form factor (mostly on eBay) and I'm not convinced that the quality will carry over to the cheaper versions. However the eBay versions are less than a third of the cost of the Super Talent. 

Obviously there are tons of options for storage but for me, I like this one for it's ability to go unnoticed on a key chain and it's $2 per gigabyte price ratio. I would love a 64GB version but the price just isn't reasonable yet. 


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