Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mortal Kombat Legacy

I can still remember the days where I would run home from elementary school just to pickup my Super Nintendo controller to play Mortal Kombat. My mother bought me a copy of GamePro magazine so I could learn and master all of the special moves and fatality's. Oh those were the days!

Since the original Mortal Kombat video game release, we have seen several new games on a wide variety of platforms. We've also seen movies, cartoons, comics, action figures and tons of funny YouTube videos depicting MK moments. Early last year I watched a live action Mortal Kombat trailer/pilot that put some excitement in me. The trailer showed the MK universe in a more down to earth, almost plausible format. The trailer has become a full fledged web series now and has already released 2 episodes for your viewing pleasure.

So far I'm very happy with the direction of the show, although I wish the episodes were a bit longer, as it seems like I'm just getting into it as it ends. I'm not sure if the shortness is keeping me wanting more, or if I'm frustrated that it's done so quickly. Either way I look forward to seeing more of the favorite MK characters and their signature moves in live action.  I've posted episodes 1 & 2 below in HD so you don't need to go hunt them down.

What do you think of these 2 Mortal Kombat Legacy episodes?



  1. EPICCCCC, So much better than the original MK Movies.. This could totally be a real TV series.

  2. Actually I read that the plan is to have at least two seasons and eventually all of the episodes will make there way to a TV network. I imagine the popularity of the webisodes will determine how quickly they get on TV.

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