Monday, May 2, 2011

Star Wars Lightsabers

Even though I consider myself to be a little on the geeky side, I've never really been a huge Star Wars fan. Don't get me wrong though, I like the movies and have watched them several times each (besides the Phantom Menace). Out of everything Star Wars had to offer I always found Darth Vader to be the most interesting part. I liked his breathing machine, dark outfit, voice, ability to choke his own henchmen with his mind and of course, his red lightsaber.

blue force fx star wars lightsaberThe lightsaber was a breakthrough idea patented by the great George Lucas.  Since the first time I saw one I knew that some day, I had to have one. Now I knew that the whole idea of a hilt with a beam of light capable of cutting through even the thickest metals, was not yet available. Even now the technology is only partially available as they haven't been able to have the beam stop at 35-40" in length and the beams look like laser pointers instead of the 1-2" thick beam from the movies.

What we need is a replica that looks exactly the same, that mimics all the light and sound effects of the movie lightsaber. I'd also like the ability to be able to turn the lights down at a party and do a mock fight with it. This is assuming I was able to convince a friend to buy one, or convince the wife to let me buy 2. Fat chance as I bet I'll have a hard enough time getting one, not to mention a spare.

Well, if it wasn't super obvious already, they have been making Star Wars Force FX replica lightsabers for years and with the newer models they have now... they're damn near perfect. Not perfect in a sense that they have the functionality like in the movies, but you can play with it without worrying about cutting your leg off by accident. This probably isn't news to Star Wars fans out there, but every time I look into these things I think about how cool it would be to have one. I found that one of my favorite sites, ThinkGeek is selling them for $99, which is pretty good. I know that Amazon has them on sale from time to time as well. Watch the skit below, it shows off the Force FX lightsabers very well... I wonder if the wife would notice if I just put it on the Visa.


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