Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Electronic Cigarette

For those of you who are out of the loop, there are electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) now that actually duplicate the look, feel, texture and taste of a real cigarette. In fact these e-cigs actually take it to the next level with custom colors and flavors to make even the most picky smoker a fan. I will explain how they work as simply as I know how. Think of a normal cigarette, orange filter with a white paper tube. The white part of the e-cig is a colored LED, the battery and what is called an atomizer. The orange filter part is actually a cartridge that holds a little sponge soaked in a flavored juice (usually some form of tobacco brand flavoring). When you go to take a puff of an e-cig, you suck air through a tube in the cartridge out of the atomizer. The atomizer heats up and quickly evaporates some of the flavored juice in the cartridge. The juice vapor then goes in your mouth, just like normal cigarette smoke would. So assuming the juice in the cartridge has nicotine in it, you will satisfy your cravings to smoke a cancer filled cigarette and be completely healthy with the electronic version.

Now, I honestly can't tell you what the best electronic cigarette is. I will however tell you which one I like and why I like it. I'm also going to tell you where to get my pick of the litter.  My favorite company is Vogue because they make a top quality product at very competitive prices. Just like anything else, especially electronics, I like to make sure that I have the leading edge products and I have to say that Vogue is on top of it. What the average daily smoker needs is a product that can actually replace the act of smoking. Not just with one session, but completely satisfy the daily motions of smoking. For example, what happens if you smoke 2 packs a day and kill the battery in your e-cig because you use it so much and maybe forgot to charge it the day before. Woops, now you're at the local 7-11 selling your soul for the sweet nectar you need. You need to be able to use your e-cigs day after day and not worry about charging, refilling, maintaining and all that other stuff that comes with most kits. You need a permanent solution. 

Vogue 808PCC-Mini
I think you should know about the Vogue 808PCC Mini electronic cigarette kit. The kit comes with two batteries, 5 cartridges and a portable charging case that closely resembles a standard pack of cigarettes. The main feature of this kit is that you only need to charge the portable charging case every few days, rather than the actual cigarettes that go inside it. You just need to store your e-cigs inside the case, whether that be inside your purse, pocket or vehicle and the case will keep your cigarette batteries charged automatically. Not to mention that the e-cigs themselves are only about 65mm long, which if you have compared elsewhere is a bonus as a lot of other kits can be 90+ mm long, and that can really throw the weight of it off. I'd also like to mention that these, like most other e-cigs do glow red at the end and with a normal puff, you can see the vapor come out of your mouth as you exhale. It really is a realistic smoking experience. Best part of all is that the kit retails for only $89.00 (including tax) and shipping is only $10. All you need to do is order the kit and whatever flavor/brand e-juice you want and your set for weeks of smoking at far less than traditional tobacco cigarettes would cost you. 

I have actually bought a bunch of these products from Vapour Solutions to distribute to my family. So far the results have been very positive and I'm hoping that after an expected adjustment period, my family will be able to quit smoking completely. At least with e-cigs they can save a ton of money and still get their health back in order. I would like to see everyone I know "vaping" instead of smoking!



  1. Very cool indeed, I've thought about getting one of these even though I'm not a smoker.

  2. I have used this and it works great. I am not a smoker so I bought the grape flavored rechargeable kit without the nicoine. I wish I would have bought the 89.99 kit as it is well worth the money. I would recommend this to anyone that smokes or gets bored easily and needs something to fidget with.