Sunday, June 5, 2011

PS3 Blu-Ray Drive Stopped Working!

I wouldn't call myself a fanboy but I definitely love my Playstation 3. Just when things were working out in my world, the PS3 stopped reading discs. Not just blu-rays but DVDs and audio CDs too. The problem with this is that my warranty was up years ago as it's a 5 year old 60gb model. I would like to believe that the latest firmware update was what killed it but after investigating further I learned that wasn't the case. 

Naturally I decided that being the nerdy tech guy that I am, the PS3 would need to be dismantled and inspected. So I found a wide variety of poorly made Youtube videos to research before I got started. The PS3 isn't really that complicated but there are a few cables and some small parts so you do need to be careful. After further inspection I determined that my blu-ray drive lens was toast and needed to be replaced. I checked eBay and other online stores only to find that the average low price was about $70, which isn't horrible but lets face it, I'm as cheap as they come. So I found a good price on craigslist, $50 for a completely reconditioned drive. I managed to get it, swap it out and what do you know, the new drive doesn't work worth a damn! Actually, the new drive did read audio CDs and DVDs but the blu-ray diode was dead so no blu-rays for me. Unfortunately I could care less about CDs and DVDs so the new lens was totally worthless. Another pain in the ass was that during all of the troubleshooting steps with the new drive I managed to pull on the drive to hard and break the clip off the main data cable that connects the drive to the motherboard. Even worse to that news is that the clip was on the motherboard side and not the drive. If I've totally lost you, this means that now I need to physically hold the ribbon cable to the PS3 so that it recognizes that the drive is connected. Overall, the entire situation as left me unimpressed.

Since then I've managed to get my $50 back from the guy on Craigslist and my PS3 is still only half assembled on the shelf. I only have a small amount of motivation to reassemble it, most of which comes from the "Welcome Back to Playstation Program" email I just got about getting a bunch of free stuff, even though I have almost everything they offer. I just need to get the cash together to get a new drive, and some crazy glue for the cable clip. Stay tuned as some day I will post an update about the solution.


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  1. Lemmie know how you fix it, I'm interested in this.