Tuesday, March 27, 2012

La Casa Gelato Review

We had family from out of town staying with us this week, so we tried to keep the days full of activities. We watched some movies, played games, went to the lake and best of all, ate all kinds of food. We had pizza, subs, hamburgers, wings and marvellous ice cream.

We stopped in at La Casa Gelato in Vancouver, BC and let me tell you something, they have a lot of ice cream! 218 flavors to be exact. Some of the unique ones were Guiness Beer, Curry and Maple Bacon. Leave it to us Canadians to have a bacon flavored ice cream.

the free "baby" cone
The best part of the place was the samples. I managed to sample the above flavors and a few others before deciding on what I actually wanted on my double scooped cone. The prices were probably the highest I'd ever seen ($6.50 for my double) but I got exactly what I wanted and it tasted great. They even gave my 12 month old a free baby cone. If your ever in the greater Vancouver area, I highly recommend you take your family into La Casa Gelato!

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