Monday, March 19, 2012

Protect Your Cell Phone!

It seems like I've talked a lot about cell phones lately. Androids, iPhone's, Samsung's and all that, but their is an avenue I haven't covered yet on any of my previous posts. No matter what phone you decide to buy, you need to protect your investment. A brand new super/smart cell phone can, and likely will cost you anywhere from $300-700. Just because you got it for $0 or $100 when you signed your 3-year contract, doesn't mean that it won't cost you big money to replace if you break it somehow. So, you buy a new super phone for $500, what can you do to protect it? You need to buy a screen protector and a good quality case.

I cannot stress enough how important a screen protector is. You can have the best case in the world, but if your screen is all scratched up, it won't matter how clean the back of the phone is. If you buy a dollar store screen protector it might protect your screen from everyday scratches and maybe the keys in your pocket. However, it will likely get peeled off within only days of use because it is ultra thin, flimsy and just didn't have enough stick for the long haul. Spend a few dollars (maybe $15 at a local electronics store, probably only $5 on eBay) and get a pack of 2-3, that are specifically designed for your phone. Be sure to CLEAN the screen before you put the film on. People say that they don't use screen protectors because "they bubble and don't stay on right". If the phone is super clean and scratch free, the film will apply and any bubbles will swipe away with ease.

As equally as important as the screen protector, is the phone case. Do not skimp out and buy your $500 phone a $2 case off eBay. I personally like to use a rule of thumb for pretty much any property I buy under $1000; be prepared to spend 10% of the items value on it's protection. So with a $10-15 screen protector, you should be looking at a $35-40 case. I'd like to note that this is the retail value, as if you can get a $40 case for $25 on eBay, that still counts as a $40 case. In my mind, the most popular, quality driven cell phone case brand right now is Otterbox. I hear that a lot, and I have people asking me "is that an Otty?". I always reply with, "It's an Otterbox." The company mascot isn't Otty the otter! no more Otty! Back on track though, Otterbox makes a decent quality case, in several variations for a good number of popular phones. Their are a ridiculous number of case manufacturers out there, and I don't have the time or energy to list off even the top 10. I will however recommend my runner up to Otterbox. Trident Cases has caught my attention as they seem to offer cases that are very similar in specification to their Otterbox counterpart, but with a curvy, almost more flashy design. Trident seems to offer the same number of variations and colours as Otterbox, and I believe that they would protect your phone just as well. The big difference between Trident and Otterbox is the price. You can go on eBay and find a Trident case for $25, when it's Otterbox competition (of comparable stats) will be $35. If the case works as well, and looks as good, but costs less... isn't that a good thing?

Long story short, buy a case and a screen protector for your expensive pocket computer. Those cheap silicone and TPU cases off Amazon and Ebay will cover your phone, maybe even make it look pretty, but when your phone hits the cement you'll wish you had a quality case.



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  2. Hi is there any flexible yet reliable single coated (not multi layered as it makes my phone look heavy) rubber trident case for my samsung galaxy y? I already have a screen guard but i am looking for a case.