Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Tester on PSN

I think it's safe to say that anyone who has read my past posts and comments will know that I am not a big fan of television, especially reality TV. I'll quickly repeat, that reality TV is not reality at all! Shows like Big Brother, The Bachelor and survivor are crudely designed to take groups of people who are pre-screened and then re-screened to fit a specific target audience and then pitted against each other to make as much drama as possible. How this kind of preparation can be considered "reality" is far beyond my comprehension. It's poorly nicknamed to say the least.

Regardless of my thoughts on reality shows, I've developed an interest in the Playstation Network Series, The Tester. I actually watched Season 1 and 2 as they were released over the last couple years and have been watching Season 3 in the same fashion. Season 3 has been a little different than previous seasons as the judges have been quite strict and the contestants are more emotionally involved. More than anything, I've enjoyed the personalities of a few of the contestants. 

I specifically like Skyler Harper ("Skyd1ddy") as he is very animated and no matter what he is talking about I'm highly entertained. The other top character for the show is Richard Lugo ("Ninjaomyx"). He doesn't really have the body for a physical contest but seems to come up with some of the most gangster lines, that I just can't help but laugh over. Too bad for him that I'm laughing at how ridiculous the words sound coming out of his mouth. Either way, these two guys have made the show worth watching. 

The prize this season has been amped up as well. A limited edition Ford Focus, $5000, PS3 gear and a job working with Playstation is up for grabs and I know that I would out play most of the people on the show if I had the chance. I probably don't have the trophies, or some of the stat knowledge that they have, but I could rock the games and challenges they go through. I'm not sure how much a Playstation Tester makes an hour, but I think I'd take it no matter what.


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