Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank You Readers!

I was reading some of my archived posts the other day and having a chuckle over some of the dumb stuff I've spewed out over the years and noticed something huge! Upon reviewing the statistics portion of my site I noticed that I had over 31,500 unique visitors. That means that over 31k different people have come on to my site at one time or another. Maybe each person only read one post, and thought it was crap and left, but that's still a lot of random people reading my verbal diarrhea.

To some sites this is a landmark to mark on the calendar and others it is probably what they get in an hour, but for my little blog, with one causal writer, with no funding and a very specific target audience, it is fantastic. I'm also very happy that over 90% of my incoming readers are from Google searches. That means that people, maybe like yourself, are finding my posts as a direct result of it being relevant to your own search, probably indicating that I wrote about something that you were interested in. Also, my blog seems to have 15-20 high volume posts and not just 1-2 that have gotten a lot of publicity.

All in all it's great to see that my blog is getting consistent attention from all over the world. Thank you to everyone for supporting me by visting and reading my blog.



  1. I thought it was just me reading it ;)

  2. It is, I just try to give the illusion that I have more than one reader :)