Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Dell Experience

I found this while looking for a suitable Dell logo (below). It was so true that I
 felt it needed to be posted. Drop Microsoft while you still can!
A few months back, my grandmother called me and said that she was having trouble with her computer. If I remember correctly it was an issue with the Internet and how pages weren't being displayed how they should. Of course the real problem was that her computer was purchased in 1999 and Windows 2000 just wasn't cutting it anymore. I could have thrown some more ram in it and tried for Windows XP but in the long run it would just be a bandaid.

So I did what I do best and researched online for the best deal on what she wanted, a laptop with a full keyboard, big screen and that had enough processing power to prevent the need to upgrade anytime soon. Unfortunately with laptops, you can't build them yourself, so for the most part you need to find a store to buy a complete unit, or at least a base to add components to.

After exploring several local and online stores, Dell had the best deal. I had some reservations about Dell before I even browsed their site, but after looking at hundreds of independent reviews and comparing stats, Dell had just what I wanted for the best price. If I had to pick apart the Dell experience, I would blame their customer service.It's Dell's reputation for overseas ESL phone support that hurts them. That being said, I called them once to ask a question before I bought the laptop and the guy I dealt with spoke better English than me.

So, based on the above experience, Dell is probably one of the first places I'll look when I need to buy a new computer. If your a big gamer you might want to check out Dell gaming laptops as they're built for high end graphics and are nice to look at as well. I'd be interested to here from you if you have had any recent issues with Dell's customer service.


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