Monday, March 4, 2013

Trolls Attacked My Blog!

If you were to look at the post before this one you'd probably notice that it's been many months since I've updated my site. Between work, my daughter and my normal day to day life, I just haven't found the time, or inspiration to hammer out a quality post. I've got several draft posts from last year but they are fairly irrelevant now.

It really seems like I've dropped the ball, but one thing I have kept up on is killing trolls! A troll is someone who purposely delays or submits useless garbage to a site like mine. You wouldn't know it, but my Blog gets several thousand hits a month, with no new posts, and those old posts get around 200 comments a month. That sounds impressive to me, but about 190 of those comments are advertisements and people trying to link back to another site. I don't know about you but I hate it when I'm reading through comments on a post about nuclear astro-fusion (yeah right) and their are comments like "try my interweb site :: www.joelikesapples.com" and ridiculous stuff like that.

So several times a day I have been getting emails from my site about these jobless blog trolls posting comments, and I have been deleting these comments and reporting them all to Google. Google won't do anything about it, but it's the principal of it that matters to me. Trolls need to be put down. So from now on all comments are moderated. Good luck getting past me!

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