Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Block the Ads Now!

I think it's interesting to see how people manipulate the internet. I find myself opening web pages, skimming paragraphs and targeting new links at a great pace, but "less experienced" users seem to sloth through pages, look at all the pictures, and even spend time trying to distinguish the legitimate links from the advertisements. I find I can look at a page, and not even notice the advertisements where as others not only see them, but are... yikes, actually tempted to click them. I've heard people actually make money off online advertising ;O

Some of you might not notice the advertisements on common sights like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube because you use them so often, but they are there. The average Facebook page has 5-10 advertisements on it. That's 5-10 extra images your browser has to download on each page! That means bandwidth, data limits and of course, patience is being crushed because of excessive advertisements. Even if you have "the gift" and can see right through them, you owe it to yourself to block them out.

Advertisement blocking software exists for almost every platform. Android has a few ad blocking apps, I use AdAway. It's free and is updated often. Unfortunately you need to be rooted to use it, but shame on you for not rooting if you have an Android phone. 

If you're like me and use Google Chrome on your PC, you should get the Chrome extension Adblock. It installs right in the browser and never bothers you again. I like it as I can see how many ads were blocked on the current page and I can easily check the total number of ads it's blocked for me. As an eye opener, my current counter is over 50,000 advertisements. There are several other extensions and other methods of purging online solicitation, but these suggestions will point you in the right direction.

Some of you might be thinking, what about my Apple gear? I suggest using Google Chrome for Mac! :D


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